West Midlands revealed as the nation’s biggest gravy lovers!

  • Coventry are nation’s biggest gravy lovers consuming the equivalent of a pint a month on their roast – that’s 464,257 gallons of gravy a year!
  • Aberystwyth comes in last with a measly two and a half tablespoons of gravy per roast
  • 4 in 5 Brits insist on pouring gravy on to the roast themselves to ensure they get the right amount
  • Half of Brits (49%) would refuse a roast that was not served with gravy


London, 25 September 2017… As part of British Roast Dinner Week (24th September – 1st October 2017), sponsored by Unilever Food Solutions, OpenTable, the world’s leading online restaurant booking platform, has unveiled research that found diners in the West Midlands consume the most gravy with their roast.

The Sunday Roast is a Great British tradition dating all the way back to the reign of Henry VII when the King’s royal guard ate roast beef every Sunday after church. So emblematic is the roast of the British character that the French refer to Brits as ‘les rosbifs’. However, it may have been more accurate to name us after our favourite sauce, with half of diners (49%) confessing they would refuse a roast that was served without gravy and 4 in 5 (78%) describing it as an essential element. Clearly, gravy is more than just an optional addition to the roast.

Although Brits can all agree on its importance, the perfect amount of gravy means different things to different people with 4 in 5 going as far as to insist on pouring their gravy onto their dinner themselves to ensure they get the perfect amount. To help restaurants get their measurements right, as there is nothing worse than too little gravy, OpenTable’s research looked into the amount of gravy diners pour on to their roast per region. Contrary to stereotypes, the study found that the West Midlands is the place to find the nation’s biggest consumers of gravy, taking the gravy-loving crown from the North of England.

Pouring an average of 128ml (a quarter pint) of gravy on their roast, Coventry dwellers were found to be the nation’s biggest gravy lovers, with the population consuming the equivalent of 464,257 gallons of gravy a year**. The city was closely followed by diners in Wolverhampton who consume 127ml of gravy with their meal, equating to 362,399 gallons a year for the city as a whole. On average, an inhabitant of the West Midlands consumes 117ml (6 and a half tablespoons) of the delicious sauce and 1 in 10 consume more than 13 tablespoons of gravy with their roast.

In contrast, diners in Aberystwyth prefer to enhance their roast dinner with other condiments. While diners would only pour 50ml of gravy (2 and a half tablespoons) on to their roast, 75% would consider apple sauce an essential part of the meal.

The Scots are also less inclined to favour gravy than their English counterparts with Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen all falling into the list of cities which use the least gravy. On average, an inhabitant of one of the three cities will consume just 88ml of gravy with their roast – the equivalent of under 5 tablespoons.

Unsurprisingly, Northerners didn’t come too far behind in the gravy stakes with Leeds (120ml), Newcastle (116ml), York (114ml) and Liverpool (112ml) all making it into the top ten cities for gravy lovers.

No matter how much gravy they use, it was revealed Brits will always say no to a dry roast dinner, with 2 in 5 Brits saying mint sauce was an essential part of a roast dinner, 1 in 4 saying the same of English mustard and horseradish, and 27% naming apple sauce as an essential element.

The message to restaurateurs and pub owners is clear – moisture maketh the roast.

Adrian Valeriano, OpenTable’s Vice President in Europe, commented, ‘It is incredible to see how the UK can be mapped out according to how much gravy Brits pour on to their roast dinner. After hundreds of years of the traditional roast, it is clear that Brits know exactly how they want their dinner served and we are pleased that OpenTable is able to provide access to hundreds of restaurants and pubs across the UK where they can find their perfect Sunday dinner.’

Areas by gravy consumption:

Coventry 128
Wolverhampton 127
Leeds 120
Southampton 119
Newcastle 116
Birmingham 114
York 114
Liverpool 112
Norwich 111
Swansea 111
Aberystwyth 50
Glasgow 83
Edinburgh 88
Belfast 91
Plymouth 93
Aberdeen 94
London 97
Worcester 99
Bristol 100
Cambridge 100
West Midlands 117
North East 115
Yorkshire and the Humber 113
South East 110
North West 108
East Anglia 106
Wales 105
East Midlands 104
South West 97
London 97
Northern Ireland 91
Scotland 88


OpenTable’s insider guide to roast dinners in the nation’s gravy hubs


The Bull’s Head

With beautiful surroundings, and a stylish interior, The Bulls Head in Coventry a modern take on the traditional country pub, a perfect setting for a delicious Sunday lunch.


The Shrewsbury Arms

The Shrewsbury Arms specialises in a classic country roast. The all-day Sunday menu includes beef, turkey and pork roast dinners, as well as a nut roast for vegetarians. There is even a sharing platter option available for those who like to share their Sunday dinner!



An upscale Sunday dinner setting located in the heart of Yorkshire Pudding country, Stockdales of Leeds serves up a variety of incredible roasts including hand selected roast Wagyu Beef.


The Plough

A friendly pub-restaurant located on the edge of Southampton in the village of Bursledon, the Plough is the epitome of a Traditional English Country Pub. The Plough’s Sunday roasts are served with homemade gravy, carefully crafted in the pub kitchen.



In the heart of Newcastle’s Quayside, 21 allows guests to enjoy a good roast dinner in comfortably stylish surroundings. Sunday dinners at 21 focus on quality meat with lashings of gravy.


Tap & Spile

Tap and Spile is a canal side restaurant serving up traditional roasts accompanied by homemade, real ale gravy.


The Whippet Inn

The Whippet Inn takes the best food produce they can find in Yorkshire and pairs it with real ales, lagers, spirits and wines from around Great Britain. The pub provides an adult only environment in which to enjoy a relaxing Sunday lunch.


Stanley’s Bar & Grill

Launched earlier this year, the Stanley’s Bar and Grill Sunday Roast is perfect for large families who can dine around ‘the big table’.


The Assembly House

The Assembly House’s beef, pork and vegetarian roasts are all made with locally-sourced produce and served with plenty of gravy. Look out for the cider gravy poured over the pork roast!


Village Grill

For those who never feel full enough after their Sunday Roast, the Village Grill in Swansea serves a four course all you can eat Sunday Roast every week.


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