Top bloggers rate their best fish and chips in the UK – old-school fish and chip shops win the day

Some of the UK’s top food bloggers have shared their top tips for the best fish and chips in the UK with toptable.   Their suggestions include restaurants, pubs and old-school chippies across the UK.

“Most of us remember nostalgically where and when we have eaten our best fish and chips and our top food bloggers, who are constantly searching for the next best dish, are no different”, comments Lucy Taylor, Head of Restaurant Relations.

Old-school fish and chip shops are favoured by the bloggers.  Rosie Birkett rates ‘Fish and Chips’ in Walmer near Deal, “… it’s all fresh and perfectly cooked…”  Oliver Thring raves about Fisher’s in Fulham, “You expect it to be useless but it’s bloody brilliant.”  And Food Urchin says that Fishy Business in Upminster, “… stands out from the crowd.”

For a traditional fish and chips experience and some great mushy peas both Rocket and Squash and Bitten and Written tip The Golden Hind in Marylebone, whilst PalAtTable says you can’t beat Nautilus in Hampstead where they serve “…some well-cooked, sizable chips, vibrant green mushy peas and home-made tartare sauce to boot!”

Chris Pople said, “At the risk of sounding like a grumpy ex-pat Northerner, there is no truly great fish & chip outlet in London”, but suggests both Master Super Fish in Waterloo and the Princess of Shoreditch as good choices.

Further West, Stein’s Fish and Chips in Padstow, hits the spot for both Hollowlegs and Essex Eating.  And Hugh Wright sticks with his Dorset favourites – Chez Fred in Westbourne and Long’s in Lilliput.

Finally,  the Cave Street Fisheries in Hull evidently struck a chord with The Epicurian who writes, “The best fish and chips I have ever had was at Cave Street Fisheries circa 1984 – no idea if it’s still any good though!”  And Peckham based Food Stories says, “Well, the best fish and chips I’m afraid is made by my Dad. This of course means that no-one else can ever eat them apart from me. Sorry!”