OpenTable reveal which Brits give the top tips

– The UK, on average, tip £4.18, contribute 9% of their bill and 87% always leave a tip –

– Scots are most likely to tip (91%) –

– Londoners are flashiest when leaving the cash, average spend coming out at £5.68 –

-Yorkshire is the region most likely to never tip (20%) –

London, 12 May 2015… British diners may have a reputation for being rather tight fisted when it comes to leaving a tip, but research released today by OpenTable, the world’s leading online restaurant booking service, has revealed some interesting insights into just how generous the different regions and cities in the UK are.

The poll of 2,000 has revealed that 87% of Brits always leave a tip, contributing 9% of their bill and tipping, on average, £4.18. The study also revealed that men are significantly less likely to tip than women – with 17% of men never leaving a tip, in comparison to 10% of women.

Looking more closely at the different regions it appears that Londoners are flashiest when leaving the cash, with the average tipping spend in the capital at £5.68. The Scots are most likely to tip (91%) – with half of the Dee-lightful residents of Aberdeen ALWAYS leaving a tip and 47% of Glaswegians still leaving a tip even if they receive less than perfect service.

If diners value service with a smile, Wales is the place to go – over 80% of the Welsh claim their local restaurant staff are friendly, which is just as well as a massive 73% of the Welsh polled said they refuse to leave a tip when the service does not meet expectations.

Yorkshire was revealed as the region most likely to never leave a tip, with only 1 in 5 (20%) stating that they would leave a gratuity. In addition, more than half of diners from Yorkshire (51%) admitted they had asked for the service charge to be removed from a bill – more than any other region in the UK – unsurprising as those polled considered York to be the UK city with the least friendly staff.

The study delved deeper in to the reasons why diners did not leave a gratuity following a meal. Rudeness was cited in the number one spot, with slow service and forgetting items also being among the top disappointments. One in eight of all diners polled even admitted to having walked out of a restaurant quickly to avoid paying a tip. 22% of Brightonians admitted to only tipping if their fellow diner does, but the people of Gloucester seem to be the gutsiest among us, with a fifth admitting they will ask for the service charge to be removed.

Those in the North East are the most trusting in the UK when it comes to leaving a tip; with 69% of people surveyed saying they’d be happy to leave cash on their table. The same can’t be said for the Irish – 43% of people from Northern Ireland don’t trust leaving their tip on the table, preferring to hand it directly to their server.

Mike Xenakis, Managing Director, OpenTable, comments ʺOur research shows the UK is a nation of discerning diners, most of whom are happy to leave a little extra for restaurant staff so long as the service they receive is of a high level.ʺ