Leading chefs share their Christmas tips with toptable

While many of us are frantically planning our Christmas menus and preparing to host family and parties at home, toptable asked seven of the UK’s top chefs to share their top tips for stress free Christmas entertaining.

Tom Aikens, Michel Roux Jnr, Bruno Loubet, Adam Byatt, and Gordon Ramsay unanimously agreed that their top tip would be to plan well and prepare as much as you can in advance.  As Michel Roux Jnr said “Preparing ahead and keeping it simple means you can spend more time with your friends and family.”

However Claude Bosi and Francesco Matzei reveal that they’d both recommend going out to eat!  “Go out to eat and make sure the wine keeps pouring”, said Franceso.  Claude said “Go out and don’t cook at home… get invited somewhere!”

And what simple thing do they advise you do to make that Christmas party a success?  Tom Aikens says, “Prepare ahead so you just have to reheat food and get everyone merry”, Bruno Loubet says, “Make sure you invite the right people”, and Adam Byatt suggests “If it is a staff party – don’t drink.  If it is a family party – do drink!”

Entertaining family and the in-laws can often be tricky and sometimes daunting.  The chefs’ top tips for keeping them sweet included; “Make sure you cook the food they like…”  – Claude Bosi, “Spoil them with presents and booze…” – Tom Aikens, “…my Christmas pudding based on the traditional Mrs Beeton recipe…” – Michel Roux Jnr and finally,  Adam Byatt quite simply suggested “Gin!”.


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