Forget fly-drive, it’s all about ‘fly-dine’ holidays

-OpenTable reveals UK diners ‘Will Fly for Food’-

  • Almost a third (31%) of the UK factors dining out options into their choice of holiday destination
  • Cuisine is one of the most important factors when booking a trip, more important than nightlife and outdoor activities
  • We’re a nation of Francophiles; with 52% of Brits choosing to travel to France for the cuisine
  • Crossing borders means pushing boundaries; 42% of British holidaymakers are more likely to make adventurous culinary decisions when ordering in restaurants on holiday 

22nd June 2017: It’s no secret that the UK is a nation of passionate foodies, with a fervent love of cooking shows, celebrity chefs and foreign cuisine. This love of food is now influencing the way Brits holiday, according to the latest research from OpenTable, the world’s leading online restaurant booking platform, and part of the Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN).

The research demonstrates that the UK is a nation of intrepid explorers when it comes to their taste buds, with 31% considering dining out options when choosing a holiday destination and 55% professing to having flown for food within the last 5 years.

A country’s cuisine is now one of the most important factors when choosing where to go on holiday, with the research results highlighting it as more important than nightlife and outdoor activities.

As such big fans of foreign food scenes, over a third (34%) of British diners want to eat just like a local when abroad, swapping classic dishes for the flavours of the continent and further afield. Top of the table is France, the nation’s favourite country to travel to for food (52%), whilst the favourite foodie city is Florence with over half (7 out of 13) of the UK regions surveyed naming this as their dream destination for dinner.

Eating out abroad awakens our adventurous side, with 42% of British holidaymakers stating they are more likely to try new dishes and dining experiences when eating out whilst away from home. Women are the bravest when it comes to trying new foods with 44% making adventurous choices compared to only 39% of men.

With the summer travel season in full swing, the OpenTable insiders have compiled a list of must-try dishes from dining destinations around the globe. From traditional dishes to novel takes on local cuisine, these “25 Fly to Try Dishes” are well worth the flight — and adding to your bucket list:

When asked what was important when selecting where to dine, it’s not just the cuisine on offer that is driving holiday dining choices. The research reveals that a ‘reliable menu and service’ is the most important factor to the nation, with 52% of Brits ranking this as very important. OpenTable allows users to view menus and reviews ahead of departure to help holidaymakers plan their gastronomic adventures before booking.

Adrian Valeriano, VP EMEA, for OpenTable comments, “Over time travel and dining have become synonymous. Our latest research shows that the local cuisine and dining choices now form an integral part of the holiday decision making process and in-country experience. Nothing immerses a traveller in their new surroundings like an authentic local dining experience but the choice of where to go can often be overwhelming and this is where OpenTable can be indispensable. Read reviews, check out menus and quickly make your reservation in advance, all in your local language, and dine with confidence, wherever in the world you are.”

OpenTable gives diners the opportunity to be hyper organized when travelling with functionality that enables diners to search, discover and make reservations at restaurants across the globe. The global booking functionality gives access to over 42,000 restaurants across more than 20 countries at the tap of on a button, making OpenTable the must-have foodie travel companion.

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