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  1. Menu jargon leaves British diners puzzled

    Almost 8 out of 10 Brits feel restaurant menus can be more confusing than they need to be Over half the UK have had to ask a waiter/waitress to explain an item on a restaurant menu Salmagundi has been named as the most confusing word on British menus Commentary from Fred Sirieix, First Dates star,… read more

  2. OpenTable reveals what Brits have chosen as the UK’s perfect burger

    – The UK’s perfect burger is a well done, Angus steak burger that’s 2.5 cm thick, topped with cheddar cheese and ketchup, inside a white sesame seed bun – Bacon, cheddar cheese and caramelised onions are among the most popular burger toppings – The nation’s favourite burger sauce is Ketchup – OpenTable reveals 10 of… read more

  3. Brits fork out one quarter of their annual income dining out

    – The average Brit is spending more than £4,100 a year on dining out – Brits eat out on average 1.5 times a week, spending up to £53 per meal – More than 50% of Brits spend the majority of their income on food (58%) – The people of Southampton and Liverpool are the ones… read more

  4. Diners call for greater tech integration in restaurants

    – OpenTable research reveals 61% of diners think technology could play a bigger role in enhancing their dining experience – 1 in 5 people interact with their phone more than three times during a meal – 74% would love to be able to contact the restaurant via text message to say they’re running late –… read more

  5. Table for one – OpenTable reveals rise in dining solo

    – OpenTable reveals reservations for one have grown by 110%, in the last two years – 87% of those surveyed said they would eat out alone – 42 % of UK diners said they would dine solo because they enjoy time on their own – Only 7% of Brits would negatively judge someone they saw… read more