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  1. OpenTable reveals Top 100 Fit for Foodies restaurants

    London, June 28 2016… OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant bookings, has today announced the 2016 Top 100 Fit for Foodies restaurants in the UK. This annual list reflects the combined opinions of more than 300,000 reviews submitted by verified OpenTable diners at more than 4,900 restaurants across the UK. This year’s top… read more

  2. “Going Dutch” could cost diners almost £39,000 over a lifetime

    -More than the average UK housing deposit- 2 in 3 diners will split the bill when dining out, despite fearing losing out on money One third (34%) split the bill because they don’t want others to think they’re tight On average, splitting the bill means possibly losing out on £8.73 per meal; meaning a potential… read more

  3. Brits want to ban phone use at restaurant tables

    Diners fed up with phones at the table and would welcome a no phone zone whilst eating 90% of Brits find it rude when others use their phones during a meal1 On average Brits spend 7 minutes on their phone every time they dine out 41% post images of their food onto social media channels… read more

  4. Diners and Restaurants embrace menu hacking

    Brits become nation of ‘LA Eaters’ as OpenTable charts increase in off-menu ordering Over half (56%) the UK adapt dishes on restaurant menus to suit their tastes1 Almost a third (28%) order completely off-menu at a restaurant 93% of UK restaurants will now accommodate ordering off-menu 8m (15%) of British women adapt menu dishes in… read more

  5. Restaurateurs see growth in bar dining

    Almost one fifth of restaurants that do not currently have a bar are looking to invest in one 55% of diners would go to a restaurant specifically for their bar menu A quarter of diners would dine in a high-priced restaurant’s bar area before deciding to invest in a meal in the restaurant 61% of… read more