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  1. “Going Dutch” could cost diners almost £39,000 over a lifetime

    -More than the average UK housing deposit- 2 in 3 diners will split the bill when dining out, despite fearing losing out on money One third (34%) split the bill because they don’t want others to think they’re tight On average, splitting the bill means possibly losing out on £8.73 per meal; meaning a potential… read more

  2. Brits want to ban phone use at restaurant tables

    Diners fed up with phones at the table and would welcome a no phone zone whilst eating 90% of Brits find it rude when others use their phones during a meal1 On average Brits spend 7 minutes on their phone every time they dine out 41% post images of their food onto social media channels… read more

  3. Diners and Restaurants embrace menu hacking

    Brits become nation of ‘LA Eaters’ as OpenTable charts increase in off-menu ordering Over half (56%) the UK adapt dishes on restaurant menus to suit their tastes1 Almost a third (28%) order completely off-menu at a restaurant 93% of UK restaurants will now accommodate ordering off-menu 8m (15%) of British women adapt menu dishes in… read more

  4. Restaurateurs see growth in bar dining

    Almost one fifth of restaurants that do not currently have a bar are looking to invest in one 55% of diners would go to a restaurant specifically for their bar menu A quarter of diners would dine in a high-priced restaurant’s bar area before deciding to invest in a meal in the restaurant 61% of… read more

  5. Turning the tables: Women take control of Valentine’s dating

    1 in 4 men fail to book their Valentine’s Day restaurant due to leaving it too late² 38% of women resort to booking the romantic meal themselves on Valentine’s Day² Londoners are the region most likely to book more than two months in advance² The earliest Valentine’s Day booking for 2016 was a year in… read more